Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011: trip to Target

We had rounds at 10AM today. Nothing new. I did confront the doctor about what she told Jim yesterday and she was apologetic. Jim may want to switch to Dr Berliner. It's his decision.

I took Jim to play on the 5th floor computer. He tried working the mouse. Then I tried it - it was very jumpy. I'll have to bring my laptop in and he can try my mouse.

At 1 PM we gathered at the front door with 5 other patients and 2 more wives. They loaded us all up in a big bus for our trip to Target. Jim wasn't really interested in anything until we got to the music section. He picked out a couple of cd's. I bought him another pair of pj bottoms and some mittens. He did 3 weight shifts while we were there.

It was just so surreal. The last time we were there together Jim was taking care of me. It's very difficult every time we do something again for the first time. I keep wanting to "wake up" - like that episode in "Dallas" when Bobby's wife woke up. She had only dreamed that he had died. Oh, I wish that would happen to me! Tomorrow morning I could wake up and Jim would be snoring away beside me.

I left the hospital when the bus brought us back. I didn't want to have to drive in icy conditions. I've been working in Jim's office trying to sort the bills and other papers. That was horribly sad also. He had left notes about day trading on his desk. He may never be able to write again so looking at his handwriting started up my tears again. I persevered and got a lot of filing done.

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I wish you could wake up, too. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. I continue to think of you every day. You are so strong even though you may not think you are.