Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 21, 2011 More baby steps

Liza helped Jim hold a pen. She made a device that holds a pen in his wrist splint. He was able to write fairly legibly.

Jim was able to sit on the edge of a gym table without support for almost 10 minutes. He only just tried this trick on Monday. He said on Monday he felt his back muscles activating. He could only just barely sit without support for a few seconds.

The therapists at TIRR continue to say that Jim needs to leave TIRR. They say he needs to get stronger. They just refuse to admit that he would be better off staying at TIRR for rehabilitation. So, next week they are discharging him and he will go to a nursing facility.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle Gifford will be taking up 3 rooms on the sixth floor at TIRR. 3 rooms normally holds six patients. She will probably get to have intensive rehab at TIRR for 6 months or more. But, my Jim has to go to a nursing home.

The truth is that TIRR is the best place for Jim. The doctors, therapists, case workers tell us that Jim will get rehab at the nursing home and that I should do exercises with him.

It will not be the intensive therapy that he gets at TIRR. To say otherwise is at best illogical, at worst it is a lie.

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