Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

Jim is now safely ensconced in his new location - Manor Care Sharpview, Room 151, 7505 Bellerive, Houston, TX 77036 (713) 774-9611.

There has been a nursing facility in that location since before I moved to Houston in 1973. My first apartment was at the corner of Fondren & Bellerive - and it is still there, too. I would have never dreamed that my husband would need to go there.

It is a nice enough facility, even though it's in an old building. The common areas are nice. Jim's room has chipped paint, old fixtures, etc. but he has a window that looks out into a courtyard. Yesterday we enjoyed looking out at lots of birds and neighborhood cats.

I chose Sharpview for Jim because I liked the physical therapist, Kevin and because I was promised a private room. When we got there on 1/26/2011, the head of nursing, Tina was insisting that Jim stay in a room across from the nurses' station. He would have to share the room with an old guy. She thought it would be safer for him to be close to the nurses. I insisted on the private room and the admissions director, Katie got us one. I think she originally planned on giving him a nicer room but it was further away from the nurses' station. Room 151 is at the end of the hall so it's quiet. That's a nice change from TIRR.

I spent the first night with him. The nursing staff was very attentive and came in to turn him every 2 hours. He has a much nicer bed there - an air bed. It's big and very comfortable. He hasn't had as many muscle spasms since getting a better bed. I tried to get him an air bed at TIRR but the doctor said no. At 5 AM two techs came in to do his bowel program. I hope last night went as well also.

He had physical and occupational therapy yesterday. Kevin put him in a manual chair so he could do a bicycle contraption. He played with clay and a pegboard with the OT, Holly. By 3 PM he got very sore sitting in the chair and I had to get help to put him into bed. He wanted to stay up but the pain was too bad.

He got really cold when he went to bed. I put 5 blankets on him and wrapped him up in a hat and scarf. Quadriplegics can't really tell whether they're hot or cold. So, I made sure that the nurse would check on him. He could start sweating and not know it.

I bought lunch and dinner there yesterday. The food was just okay. I'll have to supplement it for Jim. They gave him "little old lady" portions. Maybe I'll bring him a burger tonight.

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Anonymous said...


I haven't been on the computer much. I got sick again...this time pink eye (gross) and a sinus infection. Got Rx and I'm better today.

Glad you got Jim settled. I know he will continue to improve with you by his side and God's will.

Are you working again? I know you said you were going to go back but you haven't blogged much.

Looking forward to seeing you at the fashion show.