Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January 4, 2010: Isn't it ironic?

Today I walked from my office in Sewall Hall to the Baker Building and over to the Student Center and then back to my office. I haven't been able to walk that far in almost 2 years! In March 2009 I tore my achille's tendon in my left leg. After over a year of phys therapy I had it repaired in May 2010. Then I had my left knee totally replaced in July 2010. I walked today without pain.

Isn't it ironic? Now I can walk and Jim can't. He is much more handicapped than I ever was. When we were together he parked in handicapped only parking spots. We used to joke that he had the best of 2 worlds - not handicapped but able to park in those convenient spots.

Jim took great care of me after my surgeries. I am doing my best to take care of him now.

I will be leaving the office in a couple of minutes to go to the hospital. Yesterday he was in so much pain. Today I spoke to his nurse, Lonnie. She said he is out of pain but very sleepy from the pain meds. Yesterday and today he wasn't able to participate fully in his rehab.

This long drawn out process of rehabilitation is bad enough without these setbacks. It is so disheartening when a week goes by without improvement. Yesterday he said he couldn't feel his legs. He said his fingers felt cold and dead - no movement or feeling. Last week he could move his thumbs and one of his index fingers slightly.

When he feels bad, I feel horrible.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne, so sorry about your husband's illness and pain. My thoughts are with you and pray that you will find the strength to help your husband get over his disease, if possible, and to bear it if he cannot be healed.

Love and Hugs to you,