Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011 PM

Jim didn't feel well today. He was having lots of neurological pain in his knees. He didn't feel well enough for functional or exercise group today.

The doctor gave him tylenol. He might have to take tramadol later in the evening. Tramadol makes him sleepy for 24 hours so I hope he doesn't need it. I massaged his legs and he said they felt a little better.

I left him at 6:30. He said he was falling asleep anyway.

I visited another nursing home today, Garden Terrace. It specializes in alzheimers patients. It has a good reputation and also does regular rehab. It was okay. Alarms kept going off while I was there. They told me it was notice that patients were trying to get out of bed. I think the noise would drive Jim crazy. I need to revisit the other 2 homes again- University Place & Manor Care. I have more questions for them.

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