Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

I spent last night with Jim at the "home." I pretended that we were on a trip and we could only find a hotel room with 2 single beds.

I set my alarm at 4 AM so I could supervise his bowel program. It went well and as a result he had a much better day today. He got to have PT and OT today. He worked hard again. He loves to talk to all the therapists. I have to tell him to be quiet and do his exercises. Otherwise the therapists just listen to his jokes and he doesn't get the treatment that he needs.

His right arm, hand and leg are doing much better than their left counterparts. I worry because he still doesn't feel his bladder or colon. But then it has only been 2 months since his accident.

Tomorrow I have to work all day. I'm not planning on visiting him tomorrow. It just takes too long to get to Manor Care during rush hour. I would no sooner get there than it would be time to go home. I need some "at home time."

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