Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

Jim had a bone scan today. He went to the big Memorial Hermann hospital by ambulance twice. The scan was done in 2 parts. The doctor is checking out his spine.

Annette did an exit evaluation on him today. He has gotten stronger in his arms, especially his triceps. His right side is much stronger than his left. He could recognize when his knees and ankles were moved up or down. He had more trouble with recognizing the direction in which his big toes were moved.

Liza came by later to do the pin prick test. She asked him "sharp or dull" in spots all over his body. He did pretty well. He at least knows when and approximately where he is being touched.

He is regaining sensation and movement all over his body. We hope that as he becomes stronger that he will regain control of most of his muscles.

He is scheduled to be discharged on January 26th. The doctor moved the date back because of his bone scan today.

I guess I have gotten over the disbelief and shock stage of grief. I drive into the hospital parking lot without feeling bewildered that this tragedy has happened to me and Jim. I don't think that I have moved into the acceptance stage yet. But, at least I don't cry all the time any more.

This week Jim will be moving to a "skilled nursing facility" otherwise known as a nursing home. It's sad to think of Jim having to stay at such a place at such a young age. This move will take a lot of adjustment for both of us. We are used to the routine at TIRR. We know the staff, the building, etc. Hopefully, he will get stronger quickly and be able to return to TIRR for the second round of rehabilitation soon.

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