Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

I got to TIRR at 9:30 today. At 10 AM Jim and I met Liza in the gym. Liza wanted me to be there when she made recommendations for Jim's power chair. She will write up a report for the insurance company indicating why he requires this special chair. He has been using a similar chair at the hospital for the past couple of weeks. Then the doctor writes a prescription for the chair and it is submitted to the insurance company. Once it is approved, the order is placed. His chair has to be able to tilt back so he can shift his weight to prevent pressure sores. It also will have a special thick cushion for his bony butt. It will have bluetooth capability so he can work a computer and a phone. It is supposed to help him function in the real world.

Wednesday he is going on an outing in his power chair from TIRR. It is a trial run to see how he does is in a public place. Liza will also document this for the insurance company. They will decide tomorrow where the outing will be - there are a group of 4 or 5 going.

Jim was able to kick his right leg almost 90 degrees against gravity today. His left leg only went about 45 degrees. He can raise his wrists to the neutral position but he can't get them higher yet. He also was able to move his right buttock muscle. So, he is continuing to get more return. The swelling in his spinal cord must be going down.

I went to the office at noon and returned to the hospital after 5. I fed him his dinner, did his stretching exercises with him and put moisturizer on his legs and face. I left around 8 and went to the grocery store. Magda was Mom's caregiver today. She cleaned the litter boxes, washed clothes and put out the trash for me, besides watching Mom. She is really a great help.

Tomorrow I have to work 8 to 5 so I have to get to bed now.

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Mary Rees said...

Thanks for keeping us up with what is happening, Joanne.

The power chair and bluetooth capacity sound really wonderful. Every step into independence must feel great to Jim.

It is something inspiring to see you hanging in there. Heroic measures.

Love, Mary