Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6, 2010 PM

Jim was in good spirits this evening. He felt well and was able to participate in his therapies today.

Tomorrow I'm going back to check out Manor Care. One of Mom's caregivers, Alberta, says she sat with a lady there. She thought the staff was good. Another woman told me that they don't like to do bowel programs but that their pt is good.

Jim has to continue his bowel program. It's pretty gross so I won't describe it. If Jim gets stopped up (which is easy when you're confined to a wheelchair) he can get nauseated and weak.

Unfortunately there are no nursing facilities that specialize in spinal cord injuries. I will just have to be very vigilant when he goes to the nursing home. I hope he will become stronger in these 2 weeks at TIRR so that he will be able to take over some of his own care. He will have to be proactive in his care, too.

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