Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12, 2011-boring

I called my original dentist today, Dr Goodman. My message said it's not an emergency but I still hurt after 3 weeks. He called me back and said I probably have dry socket where my wisdom tooth was. He's going to see me on Monday morning. I hope he fix it.

I was going to go to my sewing meeting this morning and experience some normality. But I forgot to email Lupita last night about when to come. So, I didn't get to leave the house until 12:30.

Jim doesn't want to get out of bed all weekend so we're stuck in his room. Last night his penis was still bleeding. He thinks he needs to rest so it will get better. It's a beautiful day and at least I can look out onto the patio from Jim's room. Sometimes cats go back there and play.

Jim is sitting in his bed going over tax papers. Even though he was only in business for 2 months and made no money there are so many tax forms to complete.

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