Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 28, 2011

At 8:30 this morning I called the home and spoke to Tina, the head of nursing. I told her that I was concerned that Jim would not be taken care of until I came in later in the morning.

I told her how Jim's call light was ignored on Sunday afternoon.

Tina asked me why Amy and I have problems every weekend. I told her that I've only had problems with her for the last 2 weekends: once when she didn't call the doctor for Jim and didn't return my phone call and then this past Sunday when the incident with her happened.

Tina said she would go check and make sure that Jim was cared for. When I came in later Jim said after 8:30 he got attention from Florence. Amy just kept her head down. I had my phone out on video mode every time I walked past her just in case she started screaming at me again.

Amy has a very loud voice and is hard to understand. Jim said that after I called Tina, Amy became very quiet.

So, I guess we have a truce. I think the home should fire her but she's still there.

Attached are photos of Jim in front of the home. He is showing off that he can hold his cup. We were sitting on the porch feeding the birds.

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