Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 23, 2011: Jim's new power chair

Jim's custom powered wheel chair arrived today. It was delivered by a very nice technician, Val Torres. He is the best employee of Custom Healthcare that I've dealt with. He spent a lot of time explaining and adjusting Jim's chair.

TIRR uses Custom Healthcare. I have not been pleased with the company at all, except for Val. First, they didn't keep up with getting the insurance paperwork done. I had to do the legwork after somebody finally gave me the order number at Wheelchair Professionals. I got all the paperwork done on March 3rd, got insurance approval and it was delivered 3 weeks later. The same employee(Kathy Mc)who dropped the ball on the paperwork called me on March 22 and said that I owed $1,045.00. She said it was to fulfill Jim's deductible. I told her that we don't have a deductible but I gave her my credit card number so they would deliver the chair. Kathy said she would check our insurance again and let me know. She never called me back. Today I called Aetna, who called Custom Healthcare and told them we did not owe the $1045.00. Kathy didn't call me. I called her and told her to issue my credit ASAP. I'll give her until Monday to do it and then I will have to call my credit card company to cancel the charge.

But, the good news: Jim's new chair is so much more comfortable than the loaner chair. It has a nice cushier seat, better headrest and the legs raise up for better weight shifts. It's a bright red with red "hubcaps." Custom Healthcare did get the correct chair ordered.

I don't know where I put my camera. When I find it I'll add a photo of Jim in his pimped out chair.

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