Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 25, 2011

When I arrived at the home today I found Jim laying down on the mat in the gym. He had a low grade fever and said that his whole body hurt.

His hands were swollen and wouldn't bend. He said he felt "puny." The nurse gave him some tylenol. His urinalysis and blood tests came back okay. Though, his red blood cell count was slightly below normal. I think it was because of all the blood he lost during last weekend.

He started feeling a little better and we went to the little party in the dining room. The home celebrates birthdays once a month. They served cupcakes and ice cream. There was also a couple performing. Mostly the man sung and the woman played the keyboard. We heard a lot of the same music that they played last month. The picture attached shows the dining room with the duo in the background.

The PT manager told me that Aetna wants Jim to be reevaluated by TIRR. That will probably happen next week some time. TIRR will send someone to the home to test Jim's strength. He has an appointment with Dr Wenzel on April 5th. He might possibly return to TIRR before then.

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