Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

I'm going to the dentist this morning. Hopefully Dr Goodman can finally make my mouth better. I had 2 teeth extracted 2/21/11 and have been in pain ever since. Now I have dry socket where my wisdom tooth was. The pain meds make me so sleepy.

I even took a nap yesterday afternoon in Jim's room. Laura and Kevin came to visit us yesterday. They brought me sesame chicken and some eggrolls for Jim. We played password. It was a very nice visit and did a lot to relieve the boredom.

Since Jim didn't get out of bed all weekend I had to feed him every meal. At least the bleeding stopped but he was still sore. He'll be getting up today for therapy. Hopefully, the bleeding won't start up again when he moves. Last week he was doing so well. It's a shame that the nurse hurt him.

When I'm not with Jim or at work, I don't know what to with myself. My hobbies hold no interest to me now. Why bother sewing? I don't feel like shopping either. I'll have to get rid of so many things if we have to move to an apartment. Why bother buying more stuff? Our future is so uncertain.

Have to get ready now for my dentist appointment.

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