Monday, March 21, 2011

March 19, 2011: Jim needed help and didn't get it.

The doctor told Jim to expect some bleeding for a couple of days after the procedure. On Saturday morning Jim called me and was very upset. He said he was bleeding profusely. He called the nurse, Amy who looked at him for a few seconds and left. He waited for her to return. He thought maybe she had called the doctor. When he hadn't heard anything for over an hour he called me at around 10.

The urology department at TIRR was closed for the weekend. I called the fifth floor nurses' station and spoke to Kerri. I asked her to page Dr Harris. She got back on the line and said he wasn't there. She remembered Jim and asked what the problem was. I told her about the bleeding and that I had to stay home and wait for Mom's sitter to come at 11. She said I could call her back after I checked out the problem. She suggested that I call Sharpview and talk to Amy to find out more info.

I called Sharpview, the phone rang at least 20 times with no answer. I found a cell phone number on the director of admissions' card. I called her and she said she would get a hold of someone. She called me back and said a nurse would be calling me soon.

I waited and waited. Jim called me again and was very upset. At 10:45 I decided I would leave Mom alone for a short time and get to Sharpview.

When I came in there was Amy in the hallway. I said "you never called me." She said she never got the message. That was the same thing she said the day before when I tried to talk to her about the doctor's appointment. Andre, the receptionist, said he would give her my message personally.

I went into Jim's room and checked him out. The catheter line was all twisted. He said that Amy had changed it last. I called her in to tell her how to insert catheters. It turns out she only changed the bag, not the tube. I apologized to her.

Jim was still bleeding but it had slowed way down. The bleeding stopped and then started up in the afternoon. We figured out that Jim had to relax and learn how to use the new catheter.

He took a nap and I decided to go to the drugstore. As I was walking out I heard Deborah, the manager in charge that day, talk about someone calling Katie, the director.

When I returned Amy was telling the other nurses "I've never been spoken to you like that." She said "that Carpenter wife." I told her I had apologized to her about the catheter but that she had never called me back.

Kevin M came to visit Jim so I left and went to talk to Deborah. I told her it was me that called. She said she was giving a tour and someone should have answered the phone. I said I called Katie because Jim was so upset. She said she got the message from Katie and gave it to Wanda, a CNA, to give to Amy. Amy was with a patient. However, I'm 99% sure that Wanda would have given her the message. Amy just didn't bother to call me. And she lied about it.

I told Deborah that there had been 2 incidents of Amy's failure to return my calls. She said she would talk to her. She told me that Jim should ask for the manager in charge if he can't get results from the nurses.

Amy acted polite later in the day so I guess Deborah had spoken to her. She even helped me pull Jim up in bed. Nurses don't like to do that - they say it's the CNA's job.

Later we heard her taunting the patient next store, imitating his voice and calls for help. That made me disgusted with her. I figured out how to take a video with my phone. The next time I hear her I'll get it on tape. I can't believe she was acting like that and loud enough for us to hear in the next room.

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