Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9, 2011

Here's a photo of Jim eating dinner in Sharpview's dining room. He is using a fork that has a large rubber handle. He cannot grip a regular utensil yet.

He was doing great - staying in his chair long enough to eat lunch and dinner. Monday I noticed he was having some problems. The nurse took a urine sample Monday night. Yesterday afternoon nothing had been done to help him. The nurse said they were waiting on the test results. I called Ray, the doctor's assistant. He agreed to start Jim on antibiotics since he probably has a UTI. I asked him to get Jim's catheter changed also. He has had the same tube up him for 6 weeks.

The nurse Amy called me at work yesterday. I think she asked me to make an appointment for Jim with a urologist. I made one with a doctor at TIRR. I couldn't understand what Amy was talking about. She is so hard to understand.

I also got a call from Wheelchair Professionals. Kimberly Bush told me that she didn't receive the second page of the fax I sent on Thursday. I faxed it again and she still didn't receive it. I got her email address and sent her a pdf. I hope they will actually submit it to Aetna today.

I usually work Wednesday mornings. Today I'm off since I will cover for my boss on Friday. I can go visit him early today.

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