Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3, 2011

Yesterday I worked on getting Jim's wheelchair prescription to Aetna. The order was placed with Custom Healthcare while Jim was still at TIRR. Custom Healthcare sent the order to Wheelchair Professional because of Aetna requirements. That was on February 2, 2011.

I got a call from Aetna's case worker warning about Jim getting discharged. I told her that if she really wanted to help me she'd find out the status of Jim's wheelchair approval. She called me back and said Aetna hadn't even received it yet. That was on February 15th. I called Kathy at Custom Healthcare who said that W. Professionals was waiting on a form to be filled out by Dr Wenzel. I kept checking with Kathy. She wouldn't give me the name and number of her contact at W. Pros. Then she stopped taking my calls and answering my emails.

Yesterday I tracked down W. Pros, got Jim's case number and a copy of the necessary form. I took it over to TIRR and gave it to Stacy who's the equipment manager at TIRR.
Stacy sent me a pdf of the completed form by 5 PM yesterday afternoon.

This morning I faxed the form over to W Pros and urged them to submit the prescription.

Poor Jim has been suffering in a borrowed chair. He needs an extra padded cushion and power leg riser. He can't stay in this chair very long before he gets lots of pain.

I went to visit Jim after TIRR. I didn't get there until 4 PM and then I had to leave at 8 PM. He gets so lonesome at the nursing home.

Today I have an appointment at 5:15 with a new therapist. So, I'll be really late tonight and have even less time to be with him. She is not available on my days off.

I'm working on getting all my personal medical needs done while Jim is still in the home. I've had 2 teeth pulled, inplant put in, skin check at the dermatologist and went to my knee doctor. Friday I'm getting a mammogram.

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