Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17, 2011: visit to Kirby Glen TIRR

I went to the TIRR outpatient clinic at Kirby Glen today during my lunch break. I wanted to see the Saebo devices in action. I was able to speak to Lisa Lewis, the head OT. She said that the saebos are individually owned by patients and they didn't have any there. She said that they try cheaper devices first, like the bioness. She showed me some helpful exercises for Jim's fingers. She says that he needs to do weight bearing exercises - like leaning on one hand on a mat and stretching to the other side.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet Jim's ambulance at TIRR for his urology tests. I hope that the tests will show that he will get bladder control again. His appointment is at 12:30. It will probably be a very long day.

I'm not going to visit Jim after work tonight. I'm getting burned out. The stress of Jim's illness and my mouth pain has gotten to me. So, tonight I will rest. Lupita will go give Jim a massage today. He loves her massages!

I feel better emotionally today. I think that maybe the medrol pills that I'm taking for my mouth pain interfered with the antidepressants. My dose of medrol decreases every day. The medrol is supposed to help with any infection that I might have. It's a steroid. It would be preferable to take antibiotics but they make me so sick. My mouth still hurts when I don't take advil.

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