Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011: Crazy Nurse Day

I put a note on Jim's door yesterday explaining his condition. Some of the staff thought Jim had been paralyzed for years. I wrote about that and about how I can't do all the physical stuff needed to take care of him.

I was hoping if the staff understood our situation they would treat us better. Today Amy, a nurse told me that I had to take it down. That it was against hippa laws. I tried to explain to her that I had Jim's permission to post it. She actually moved herself down the hall to tell the manager on duty, Nishani. Nishani came down and told me that I had to take down the sign because of hippa laws. I took it down just to make them happy. You would think they'd know that they were the ones bound by the hippa law, not the patient and his family.

I was angry with Amy. Last week she couldn't be bothered to return my phone calls or to call the doctor when Jim was peeing blood. But, she had the time to get the manager today. So, when I was going out of Jim's room, I saw her and made a comment to that effect. If I had had time to cool down, I wouldn't have bothered.

Amy got very defensive and had a gigantic fit. She told me that I was attacking her. She would not admit that she failed in her care for Jim or not calling me back. She kept yelling at me and then she went to complain to Nishani again. I was walking past them and tried to explain myself. Nishani didn't want to get into it. So then Amy called Tina, the head of nursing and told her that I was doing something illegal by posting the note. It was so stupid that I just kept on walking past.

I went back into Jim's room and fed him lunch. Jim pressed his call button at 1 PM. It rang and rang. Finally at 2:15 I went looking for Dolores, the CNA. She was down the hall and I told her that Jim's call button had been on for one hour and fifteen minutes. Dolores said that she had been at lunch. But, she only had a 30 minute lunch break. I think that Amy told her to not come in and help Jim. Dolores came in to get Jim out of bed and brought a nurse from another wing for "support." This nurse, Gertrude had no idea how to use a hoyer lift. So, I don't know why she needed her. She just kind of watched the process.

It would be nice if the "home" would tell Amy to apologize to me. But, I doubt that will happen. It's a shame. The CNA's are mostly hard working But, the nurses are substandard.

I think Jim will be sent back to TIRR again soon anyway. Hopefully, he will get well enough to come home after that.

I write about this event so I will have a record of what happened.

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