Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011: Doctor's appointment

Jim had an appointment at the urology department at TIRR today. An ambulance came to pick up him at Sharpview. The nurse, Amy scheduled the pickup at 10:30. I had told her to make it 11:30. Luckily I got there before the ambulance left with Jim.

I rode with him to TIRR. Traffic was horrible around the med center. I was glad that I didn't have to drive.

We had to wait at TIRR. They didn't want to put Jim in the exam room until 12:30. I went to the TIRR cafeteria and bought Jim a turkey burger. They make great turkey burgers and have a big salad bar. I ate much healthier when Jim was in TIRR.

At 12:30 we went into the exam room. The nurses, Raj and Mary, got Jim ready for the xray. We had to wait an hour for Dr Harris to show up. They did a test- CMG cystometrogram (more info at It showed that Jim's bladder is in fine working condition. Since Jim's bladder is working, the doctor changed him to a condom catheter. It's less invasive and so a lot safer. It worked well for him all day. It's supposed to be changed daily. It's easy to do and hopefully the nurses at Sharpview won't screw it up. Raj taught me how to do it. I'll probably do most of the changing for him.

The people in the urology department were so nice and helpful. While we were there we ran into lots of people that we knew - Liza, the OT, Dr Wenzel, Lafayette. I went upstairs to say hello to our case worker, Sonia. She remembered me and was very friendly. Then I saw JR aka "super dude" down the hall. Jim named him super dude because he did a such great job taking care of him.

My mouth is still hurting. I texted the dentist, Dr Hai since he's out of town. He said I need to take amoxicillin again. I must have an infection. I hate all the side effects from antibiotics but I need to get over this infection and pain. So let the oral thrush begin, again!

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