Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 26, 2011

Jim was a lot better this morning. He wasn't swollen anymore. I don't know why he was retaining fluid yesterday. He said that he didn't eat anything salty. I told him he should drink more plain water instead of sugar free crystal light. I was going to bring him some liver from Luby's but it had closed down. I brought a double meat cheeseburger instead. He needs more red meat and protein to bring up his red blood cell count.

He felt good enough to go outside for a little while. We tried to feed the birds but they just looked at us.

We played a game in the main lounge and talked to Marty. Marty is a volunteer. His life seems to revolve around Manor Care Sharpview. He said he has volunteered there for 20 years and spends about 40 hours a week at the home. His volunteer duties seem to consist mostly of sitting around watching TV at a high volume.

Here are photos of Jim in his chair. It's fire engine red with fancy hubcaps. Jim can get so comfortable in this chair. The seat has lots of gel, has side panels for his legs and tilts way back. When he tilts the chair back and raises his legs he gets a really good weight shift. Shifting weight helps prevent bed sores.

At 5 PM Lupita drove with Mom to pick me up. The three of us went to Salt Grass Steakhouse. It's nice to do some "normal" things. I brought back prime rib for Jim.

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