Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12, 2011 PM

Jim and I are in his room in the nursing home watching "Married with Children" on TVland. Jim never got out of bed today. His bowel program got screwed up again so he didn't feel well. So, I get the honors tonight.

I enjoyed the fashion show and luncheon today. It was nice to see everyone and I didn't cry all day! (But then I had upped my dose of zoloft.) Lots of friends hugged me. They tried not to ask me questions and I appreciated that. I went down to the vendor and stash sale. I wanted to buy something but nothing interested me. What I want is NOT for sale anywhere - I want my husband and my life back!

I did some exercises with Jim. His right leg is getting strong. The left is slowly catching up. The recuperation time is so long. The surgeon told us to expect it to take at least one year or more. It's only been 2 and one half months. It seems like a lifetime already.

Lupita brought Mom in to visit Jim. She hadn't seen him since November 24, 2010. They were happy to see each other again. I told Mom that she could be Jim's roommate and then I could take care of both them at the same time.

It's 10:45 PM and Jim is asleep. The nurse gave him a sleeping pill about 30 minutes ago. I wish they would give me one, too. I hate to waste my free time sleeping. Finally, no one needs me and I can veg out. But, I know I need my sleep so I guess I'll take a couple of melatonin. I've set my alarm for 5 AM so I can take care of Jim.

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