Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011: Don't lie to me!

I will leave to visit Jim around 11 this morning. It will be nice to spend time with him when he is out of bed. He had to stay in bed all day Saturday and Sunday because the nursing staff can't get him comfortable in his wheelchair. It's important that he spend time out of bed every day. It exercises his back muscles to sit up. He can do fine motor work when he is sitting up - like play games. Being bed bound slows his recovery.

TIRR wouldn't admit that his recovery time would be longer if he were to leave and go to a nursing home. I understand that TIRR is prevented from keeping patients long enough to recover by insurance company regulations. But, there is no need to lie about it. Barbara, the benefit coordinator at TIRR, said it would be best for Jim to spend time at a nursing home to get stronger. In reality, it is not best for Jim but best for the insurance company. He is not receiving the nursing care that he needs in his paralyzed condition.

I absolutely HATE being lied to. Of course, I understand that Jim could not continue at TIRR. It's too expensive. Just say it - he needs to stay but we (TIRR) are not allowed to keep him. That's the truth.

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