Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8, 2011: Stages of Grief

It's Tuesday and I'm back in the office. I am able to feel like my life hasn't drastically changed while I'm here. I don't have the need to tell people about Jim's accident so much anymore. I think I did it before because I was trying to make it more real. The first step of mourning is denial. That is so painful. It's a kind of numb feeling. Then you go to bed and you are all alone. That jolts you back to reality with a vengeance. In my own way I was trying to move on past that step.

My son Andy thought I was being so negative because I had told the waiter at Riva's about my husband. Now I see that it was actually very positive. I was trying to move to the acceptance level. But, unless he actually reads my blog, Andy will never understand that. It was such a difficult conversation when we last spoke. It just started my tears back up. So, I haven't called him again. I texted him but I haven't heard back. I sure could use his support.

Luckily we have friends who come visit us and offer their support.

Here is a link to good description of the stages of grief. It talks about death of the person. I think the same stages apply to mourning the end of a way of life. http://www.hopes-wi.org/SurvivorsGuide/mourning_process.htm

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Alice said...

It seems all rotten major events in your life can cause you to go through the stages of mourning. Sometimes they fly by and other times it can take years just to get by the first one. hang in there girl! You are doing well and seem to be handling everything spendidly.