Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24, 2011

This morning I left messages to Barbara and Worth at TIRR. They haven't called me back yet.
Then I called the Aetna case worker, Laverne. She said that there had been no decision made yet. That Jim would have to be discharged by the doctor before they could give me a discharge date. So, then I called the doctor and spoke to Ray, his PA. He looked in Jim's file and there is no discharge order. He said that it would be up to physical therapy to advise the doctor to discharge Jim. So, then I called Kevin, the PT. He said Jim is progressing very nicely and that he can still do lots to help him. He said he wouldn't recommend discharge yet.

I asked Kevin if he would tell Jim the news. He did but he didn't tell Jim that he had spoken to me. Jim got someone to call me so he could tell me the news. We both wanted to make the other feel better.

I don't think Nishani at Sharpview meant to upset us. She only knows medicare policies. I'm not sure why she was so happy to tell us that she had a discharge date when she didn't. I try to think people are nice so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt this time. She just didn't understand.

I received a return phone call from Sonia Wilmore at TIRR. She is taking over for Barbara Jackson. She knew all about Jim's case and confirmed that the plan was for him to stay at the nursing facility for around 3 months and then go back to TIRR. She said that the insurance company reevaluates once a week. She said I could contact her again if I needed more help.

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Sara said...

I'm glad to hear that Jim can continue to get skilled round the clock care and that he is making progress. (And that you are not suicidal). Think of you often