Sunday, February 6, 2011

February 6, 2011

I spent Friday and Saturday nights at the "home" with Jim. There are just not enough nurses and nursing assistants to take care of everyone. At night there is just one nurse for the floor. Jim is supposed to be turned every 2 hours. It's not happening. I would turn him when I'd wake up. Last night I was so sound asleep that I wasn't much help.

Friday night I set my alarm for 4 AM so I could help with his bowel program. It took until about 6 AM. Last night Jim woke me up at 3 AM because it started early. So, I was up until around 5. Poor Jim hasn't had a full night's sleep since he's been sick. I came home to sleep tonight.

I got home at 6:45 and Mom was already in bed. I don't think she understands time anymore. Tomorrow I'm not going to see Jim until around 11:30 AM. I have to work on Jim's business taxes some more. I took a bunch of his papers in over the weekend and we worked on it together. But, there are still more papers at home.

Mary and Rod came to visit us today. It was a great visit! They even brought snacks and a pizza. I feel better tonight. I think spending time with friends helps me feel more normal.

I'm torn between spending every minute with Jim and thinking that I need to try and live more normally. Jim isn't as sick as before. But, he still can't do anything for himself.

This morning he called for help and no one answered him. I finally woke up and found his CPA, Florence. His call light was on for over 30 minutes. She also hadn't bothered to bring in his breakfast tray. After she finally came into the room, I had already turned Jim and made him comfortable. I told her to get his breakfast. She brought 2 bowls of cereal - raisin bran and frosted flakes- and toast. Great meal for a diabetic! I found out that she was supposed to bathe Jim yesterday. I spoke to her about it and she said that he was having therapy when she was ready to bathe him. That was 2 PM and her shift ended at 3 PM. I insisted that she give him a bath today.

I don't know why some people won't just do their jobs. It's just easier - people are happy, you actually earn your salary and your day goes by quickly. Some of the nurses and CPA's are very good. I always feel safe leaving Jim in Lolita's hands. Somehow, she always gives Jim great care and doesn't rush through his room. She even fed him dinner today even though I was in the room. That gave me the opportunity to gather my stuff together and able to go home early.

Guess I'm rambling now. Time for a full night's sleep without interruptions.

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