Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011: 2 less teeth to clean

Yesterday I had 2 of my teeth pulled. One had decay under its crown and the other was the wisdom tooth that was next to it. My friend, Lupita came over at 7:30 AM to take me to the dentist's office since I would not be able to drive myself home.

The dentist gave me 2 halcion pills. He said they would relax me so I would tolerate the procedure easier. They really worked. I don't remember much at all after taking them. At 2:30 PM I woke up in my bed and wondered how I got there.

I took a vicodin that the dentist prescribed. The pain wasn't too bad at all. Though I did feel drugged so I couldn't get any work done around the house.

I took another one at 9 PM and went to sleep. At 3 AM I woke up and took another one. This morning I just feel tired. I wish I could just stay home and rest. But, knowing me, I probably wouldn't rest very much anyway. I've got too many things that need to be done at home.

I have a 8:30 AM appointment with Dr Stocks this morning. He's the surgeon who did my knee replacement in July 2010. This will probably be my last appointment with him for a while. I need to ask him if I should still take celebrex. I was supposed to see him in December but I was too busy with Jim.

I'm trying to get my personal needs taken care of before Jim is sent home. I still need a mammogram and an eye exam. I put these things off because I was tired of doctors after having 2 surgeries over the summer. Ironic, isn't it? Now most of my life revolves around hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, nurses, etc.......

Lupita was wonderful yesterday. She took me to and from the dentist and got my prescriptions for me. She may have done more but I don't remember much of yesterday.
I am so grateful to have Lupita as a friend.

Thinking about this makes me so angry at my son, Andy. I used to think that Andy would be there if I needed him. But, he doesn't even call me. I wrote him an email on Sunday telling him how hurt I feel. He hasn't responded. Taking antidepressants allows me to feel anger. Before the wellbutrin I was disappointed in Andy and wondering what I had done wrong to have him treat me this way. If I spoke to him at all I was very careful to not tell him how sad he was making me. Now, I feel the anger and the disappointment.

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Dee said...

Of course you are angry and disappointed with Andy. Why wouldn't you be? You are hurt. You did nothing to him to deserve this from him. I wonder if Andy could be using again? I hope not, but I don't know of many of those kids from Lifeway who aren't still messing with drugs today. And those who do are using Lifeway as an excuse not to go to 12 step programs. They blame Lifeway for calling them addicts (which we see now they obviously are) and that it prevented them from going to rock concerts in their "youth." Good grief! As soon as I get past this remodeling thing, which is dragging out way past what I think is reasonable, I'll get in touch with you and see how I can be of service. Hugs from me: [[Joanne]]