Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011

We went to the meeting at the home. They just wanted to talk about Jim's care. The social worker told us yesterday that he might have to go home as early as this Saturday. Now she said it will be decided next week.

I was up all night worrying and so was Jim. I left a message for the social worker, Barbara at TIRR. After she didn't call me back for several hours, I called her back. Her associate, Sonia answered and said Barbara was out today. She didn't have any answers for me. She advised me to call the clinic at TIRR and ask about his appointment with Dr Wenzel. They were supposed to call me. But, at least they did make an appointment already - April 5th. Hopefully, Jim will be ready to be readmitted by then.

He is working so hard during phys therapy. He really is getting stronger. I hope the insurance company will allow him to continue to get better.

I am so exhausted from 3 months of constant stress and worry. But, there's nothing to do but to keep on keeping on.

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