Monday, February 14, 2011

February 13, 2011

The nurse Kathy woke us at 5 AM to start Jim's bowel program. It went well and only took a little more than an hour. We went back to sleep. Then we were woken up at 8 for Jim's breakfast.

I turned on CBS Sunday morning. We used to always watch that show together on Sunday mornings. I used the draw sheet on Jim's bed and pulled Jim over to make room for me. We snuggled together. The nurse, Ami came by to give Jim his meds. She seemed all disturbed that I was in bed with Jim. I had to get up before she would come into the room.

I insisted that Jim be gotten out of bed today. His CNA, Sonia said she didn't know if she could do it. I told her that I would help. They get the other guy, Ernie out of bed every day. She didn't know that she could use the lift to put Jim into his chair.
We got another CNA, Delores and put Jim into his chair.

I bought him a new pillow to try out on the seat. I bought it at Interior Fabrics on Fondren. It feels like it's full of gel and is really comfy. It worked for Jim for a while.

Jim was supposed to get his hair cut at the home on Friday. I was told that the hairdresser would come by and get him. I finally went to her room and she said that she was waiting for me to bring him. She wasn't very interested because the first haircut at the home is complimentary.

I went to CVS and bought a hair clipper set for $16.99. I gave Jim a haircut all by myself! I think I did a pretty good job for the very first haircut that I've ever done. His left side looks better than the right. But it's not bad.

The photo included is Jim eating lunch right after his haircut. His fork has a rubbery handle so he can grip it better. He fed himself about one third of his lunch before he got frustrated. So I fed him the rest. He really needs to do as much as he can by himself.

It was a beautiful day so I told Jim I wanted to go outside for a while. There's a nice front porch at the home. He said he had no interest in going out there but he went because I went. He wheeled out into the sunshine and saw the front of Sharpview for the first time.

When he was at TIRR he had no interest in watching TV. He's started watching the news and PBS at the home. I rigged up the TV remote so he can turn it on and off by himself. When I left him on Sunday evening he wanted to watch Masterpiece Theater. So, maybe he'll be interested in the outdoors after a while.

Honey came by to visit for a little while. Then Laura and Kevin came to visit. They brought eggrolls! We talked about our cats and told each other jokes. It was a nice visit.

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