Monday, December 6, 2010

12-06-10 evening news

Jim needs to stop taking IV pain meds and TIRR will accept him. He will probably be moved tomorrow morning some time. TIRR's phone #" 713-799-5000; website: TIRR is part of Memorial Hermann, too.

He worked very hard doing OT this morning. Then they started giving him less strong pain meds. So, it was a difficult afternoon for him.

He has started on 10 mg vicodin now. He ate his dinner and looks like he is sleeping comfortably.

I have to go home and pack up some clothes for him for the new hospital. He has to be dressed and participate in 3 hours of therapy a day at TIRR. I'm excited that he will be getting the rehab that he needs in the new hospital.

Now I'm waiting to meet his night nurse so I can go home and do a little housework.

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Woodie said...

My heart goes out to you and Jim. You've been in my thoughts.