Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8, 2010

Jim was moved to TIRR last evening. The ambulance picked up from Memorial Hermann Southwest at around 5:30 PM. He is in room 502A. I don't know the visiting hours or much of anything about the hospital.

There were lots of questions last night during the admissions process. It's a good thing I've been taking notes. His new doctor specializes in spinal cord injuries. Her name is Dr Wenzel.

I am finding this new move very emotional. If people weren't counting on me to keep them updated, I would find writing about this too, too hard.

Last night as I was driving into the medical center I kept thinking about how Jim would have insisted on driving me right to the door. He'd say it would be too hard for me. I felt so terribly alone. I guess that's the worst thing right now. We were always together. He's my best friend ever. I try to get the tears out before I visit him. He couldn't even wipe away his own tears if he were to start crying.

I will have to come up with a plan for myself. I'm getting exhausted. Once we get used to the new hospital I hope I will feel more comfortable with leaving him on his own for longer bits of time. I need to go back to work and keep our health insurance.

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Anonymous said...

Joanne we are all thinking of you at HHair and praying for your husband's return to health and that God will give you continued strength at this most difficult time for you.