Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16, 2010

I worked a full day today. It felt good to do something "normal."

I got to the hospital around 5. Jim was finishing up his will and other papers with our lawyer, Pat Bunch. Pat brought a notary and witnesses with her so Jim could complete the papers. He needed witnesses since he can't sign his own name yet.

Jim is learning to feed himself. He wears a wrist support with a slot in it to hold a fork. I supported his elbow while he fed himself 5 pieces of okra. I fed him the rest of his dinner. He got into bed and I brushed his teeth, washed his hands and face, put chapstick on him and moisturized his face. I also gave him his meds and a big glass of some horrible laxative.

He could barely stay awake so I left at 7 PM. The nurse was coming back later to give him a bath. I think he'll be up later in the night when the medicine starts working in his stomach.

Tomorrow at 8 AM I'm getting my hair cut. I look so shaggy. Then I will pick up Jim's glasses that were repaired. Then on to the hospital. I have to go to the office around 1 and work a few hours. I still have about 5 benefit hours left but I feel like I should pay back some of the time that I missed.

Then back to the hospital again. Maybe I'll sleep in a little later on Saturday morning.

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