Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8, 2010 PM

Jim had a bad night - lots of pain, especially in his left leg. He never thought to ask for pain meds. Today I got him a dose around 4:30 PM. Hopefully, that will see him through the night. I told him he could ask for more at 8:30 PM. I sure hope that he can sleep tonight.

He had lots of evaluations today - from physical therapists, occupational therapists and a speech tester. The hospital wouldn't let him have any liquids until the speech lady evaluated him. They wanted to be sure that he could swallow. He had lots of liquids at the southwest hospital. But, even though both hospitals are part of Memorial Hermann, they wouldn't accept the first hospital's test results. I gave him some water. Otherwise he would have had to wait until 2:30. Then the speech tester came and said that he could have anything that he wanted.

He had a chest xray, legs & hips xray and ultrasound for thrombosis. He has a bladder infection that's getting treated with antibiotics. His creatin levels (kidneys) are too high also.

Last night they gave him a fleet enema. Tonight they gave him milk of magnesia and will do another enema later. Guess they want to really clean him out.

He will start his exercise program tomorrow. I have to go to classes, too so I can learn to care for him.

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