Friday, December 24, 2010

2020-12-24 PM

I spent the morning with Kevin. Tomoko was sleeping. Kevin climbed into the attic and brought down a bunch of boxes. Jim loved storing things up there. He said he would bring things down as I needed them. That's not going to happen anymore. I'm putting everything in the garage until I can sort through it. I need to get rid of stuff and start downsizing.

Jim missed his PT this morning. They changed his schedule and didn't tell the nurses. So, no one got him dressed and in the chair.

He was in pretty good spirits today. He didn't need any pain meds last night so he was clear headed. He went to the cafeteria with me and helped me eat a hamburger. He was able to bring fritos to his mouth after I placed them in between his fingers. It is amazing how much you need to use your hands. His right thumb is moving pretty good and his left thumb is starting to respond a little. I hope his other fingers will follow their lead. He can't do anything with his wrists but the muscles are starting to wake up.

Yesterday a volunteer came to the hospital and gave him a haircut. He looks much better. You can see how long his hair had gotten in the picture of him on his stomach. The therapist put him on his tummy to help strengthen his back and neck muscles.

I had to get home by 6 PM tonight so Mom's sitter, Magda could get back to her family. I actually got a little housework done.

I'll get back to the hospital in the afternoon tomorrow.

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