Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17, 2010 PM

I went back to the hospital at 4:30. Jim was in bed sound asleep. He got nauseated again and the doc gave him a shot. That medicine just knocks him right out. The doctor says that the nausea could have been the result of an increase in metformin. Plus, his colon probably already had nerve damage from diabetes and now the paralysis is compromising it more.

Since he was sound asleep and his nurse, Barbara was with him, I went home. I'll go back in the morning.

The doctor (Wenzel) thinks that she can get it under control. I'm worried but there is nothing that I can do for him tonight.

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Alice said...

sounds like things are progressing, slowly but progressing. You might think about going to insulin as it may provide better control. I know a few folk, including a pharmacist friend who won't use metforman at all. I know your heart is at the hospital but your head needs to be home once in a while