Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23, 2010 PM

Jim was wide awake when I got to his room at about 12:45 PM this afternoon. He finally is getting over the sleepy side effects of the pain meds. He went to PT at 1. Today they rolled him on to his stomach to stretch his shoulders. He also did some back exercises.

I told Annette that he could do a little with his legs. She said he had a "1" on his right quads but "0" on his left. Maybe the nerve connection to his left leg will come back but maybe never will. He needs to work on his legs while he is in bed. He worked with his right thumb and it is now moving.

He made it all the way through functional group playing farkle, a dice game.

He got a new power wheelchair today that is easier for him to operate.

Kevin and Tomoko came to the hospital to see him. Then I brought them home with me. They have BIG news - Tomoko is pregnant! The baby is due in August, 2011.

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