Friday, December 31, 2010

December 30, 2010 was "dog day" at TIRR

Volunteers showed up last night with dogs. They came in to visit Jim. The dogs were so well behaved and very cute. I think I enjoyed their visit more than Jim.

The dogs made Jim itchy. He was able to raise his arm to his face and scratch. It was just a delight to see him be able to do such a simple thing. Just last week he would have been unable to do that simple motion.

Liza showed me some exercises to do with Jim to strengthen his wrists. I'll work on that over the weekend. Right now he can only control his wrists when he is wearing splints.

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Mary Rees said...

Happy New Year, Joanne and Jim!
Thanks for sharing this challenging experience with us. Wishing you ease in all this - and happiness, too.