Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

I'm using the fifth floor's computer again while the aide cleans up Jim. I got to the hospital today in time for his PT. He was working on his shoulder muscles. He did well but he got tired, of course. His PT is scheduled from 1 - 2 and then he has functional group at 2. He's just too tired after PT to participate very long.

I spoke to Worth, our social worker, about getting Jim onto social security. He says there should be no problem since Jim has a covered injury.

Then I got a turkey burger from the cafeteria. When I came back, Jim was sound asleep. I woke him so I could feed him his dinner. The swallow specialist said that Jim could get off a "chopped" diet anytime. But, she didn't give me her card and I don't know who to call. This afternoon's nurse, Yvette, doesn't know who to call either. I'll try again tomorrow. Tonight he was served dry chopped chicken breast that was too dry to eat. I tried to get him a burger from dietary. They would only give him the patty chopped.

After he ate, I did some of his arm and leg exercises with him. The exercise is me lifting his arms and legs, bending them and keeping them flexible. It's amazing how heavy his skinny legs are!

Then I brushed and flossed his teeth, put on skin cream, chapstick. I have to leave soon because I have to work a full day tomorrow.

He is scheduled to have his stitches removed tonight and to get another shower.

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