Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010 update

I got to the hospital early today. I don't want to miss talking to the neurosurgeon. Also, the old volunteers will be returning today and they take up all the handicapped parking. I can walk pretty well now but I don't like trudging through the parking lot at night.

Jim got put into the neurochair this morning. The PT guy, Jose, moved his legs around for him. Then Sorwin and Alysson came to do OT. Jim worked very hard. Then it just got too much for him. He's back in bed, on pain med and sound asleep.

I'd go home and come back later tonight, if I didn't want to see the doctor.

He had a crummy night nurse - Nena last night. She put the wrong bedding back on his bed. He's on a special air mattress to keep his skin in good condition. I've requested that Jim have a good nurse tonight.

Today Asha is his RN She's very nice.

I've also requested to see his case worker today. I still hope that Jim can go straight to TIRR to get the best rehab treatment.

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