Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 25, 2010

Andy and Nina brought over a delicious brunch to start our Christmas day. They made tofu "eggs with sausage," potatoes, fruit, waffles, avocados, orange juice. Woodie brought his girlfriend, Zaida.
Then we started opening presents, starting with stockings. Andy and Nina gave Grandma a custom portrait of Grandpa. It made Grandma very happy. Then she got lots of candy and start eating it up. I had to hide a bunch so she wouldn't make herself sick. Kevin & Tomoko gave her chocolate from Japan.
I knitted a blanket for Tomoko & Kevin. I made pj bottoms for all 4 kids. I had to just purchase tops since I couldn't sew after Jim's accident.
Andy & Nina gave me a warm hat with earflaps and hot pink gloves.
There were just too many gifts to list them all.

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