Friday, December 3, 2010

Further Update

Since I can only reach facebook (while in the hospital) through my blog, I will provide more info on my blog.

The nurses were worried about Jim staying in the fancy bed. They couldn't see his back to check the skin or check the incision on the back of his neck. Now he is on an air bed and can be sat up more. The nurses are moving him manually.

The neurosurgeon removed his neck brace. Jim wanted it back on because it felt better to him.

I missed the neurosurgeon by minutes today. My understanding is that he will follow Jim's care when he is moved to Kindred Hospital He has to get stronger in Kindred where he will get some rehab. Then he will move to TIRR, the rehab hospital where he will get more intensive rehab.

He was able to move his wrists and arms today. The therapist said that the strength usually returns from the shoulders to the fingers. He can't really move his fingers at all. He moved his feet by using his leg muscles, not really his toes.

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